14-Days Weather Forecast of Quetta

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Quetta Weather & Climate

Quetta has a high semi-arid climate (Köppen-Geiger climate classification is BSk) with a significant variation between summer and winter temperatures. The average annual temperature in Quetta is 15.8 °C. Summer starts about late May and goes on until early September with average temperatures ranging from 24–26 °C (75–79 °F). Autumn starts in late September and continues until mid-November with average temperatures in the 12–18 °C (54–64 °F) range. Winter starts in late November and ends in late March, with average temperatures near 4–5 °C (39–41 °F). In Quetta, there is little rainfall throughout the year. The average annual rainfall is 244 mm. The driest month is September, with 0 mm of rainfall. With an average of 50 mm, the most precipitation falls in February.

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